Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Pooh Baby Shower!

Eeyore Baby Shower!

Congratulations Addie!

Jenna's Baby Shower!

Vintage Baby Shower! Bird's Nest Baby Shower!

Mamma's Tummy!

Zebra Baby!

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower!

Brittany and Ted!

Precisous Moments

Congratulastions Steve & Dawnelle

Brianna's Baby shower

Giraffe Baby Shower


Monkeying around!

Baby Shower!

It's a Boy!

Carriages and Binkies!

Congratulations Joann

Little Pumkin!

Welcome Home Baby cake!

It's a girl!

Forest Baby Shower

Tessa's Baby Shower

Sarah's Baby Shower

Nicole's Baby Shower

Girly Baby Shower

It's a Boy!

Leana's Baby Shower

Another Duck cake

Lizz's Baby Shower


Quilt cake and cookies for a baby boy!

Baby Shower Duck Cake

Duck cookie favors

Keishas Baby Shower cake

I did her wedding, now its time for a baby!

Diaper Cakes

Teddy Bear Cupcakes

Quilt Baby Shower Cake

Michelle's Baby Shower

It's a Boy!


Yes. I'm very jealous!

Choo Choo Train Baby Shower

Amanda's baby shower cake!

Another baby shower cake for my sister-in-law Amanda!

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