Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

Groom's Cake!

Meghan and Jeremy!

Jeremy's Grooms Cake!

Vintage Bridal Shower!

Buttercream Wedding Cake!

Happy Anniversary Krystal and Eugine!

Tiffany Wedding Cake

Groom's Cake!

Cascading Hearts!

Andrea's Wedding!

Groom's Cake

Buttercream and Orchids!

Joylynn's Wedding!

19th Anniversary for Mr. and Mrs. Boliver

I re-invented the periodic table here but I think he was ok with it. Lol

60th Wedding Anniversary!

Elizabeth and Kyle

Bridal Shower

Simple Wedding Cake!

Anniversary Cake

Camo Wedding

Ray & Jeanine's Wedding

Adrian and Mary Ann's Wedding

Adrian's Grooms cake

44th Wedding Anniversary!

Fall Cake

Tammy's Wedding Cake

Tanya & Hector's Wedding and

Domino Grooms Cake

Another wedding cupcake tower

The blue has coconut.

Camilles Wedding Cake

Andre and Samanthas Cupcake Wedding Cake

Camilles Bridal Shower

black & gold

mini wedding cake

My Nana & Tata's 50th Anniversary

Chris and Jovana's Cowboy Wedding

The cookies that went with the "Whole lotta fruit" cake

Storm's 30th Birthday Cake

I must like her just a little!

Addie's black and white wedding

2 wedding cakes in one day. Whew!

Terrel's Wedding

An anniversary Cake for a good friends parents

They wanted a whole lata fruit The cookies have their monogram on them

Keishas wedding cake. I love this girl!

Can you say twelve dozen roses?!

Tammy's wedding cake. (Keishas mom!)

She wanted hearts and hearts she got!

This was the most GINORMOUS cake ever!


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